With all of the confusing information we receive about our bodies and what nutrients it needs, you probably think you need some things that you don’t, and think you don’t need some things that you do.

Nutrients, minerals, water and vitamins are needed by our bodies for optimal health and the ability to function. The human body is capable of producing thousands of nutrients in order to keep living.

Non-essential nutrients are the nutrients that the body makes itself. They are called this because the body is able to produce those nutrients itself and you do not need to go out and make sure that you put those nutrients into your body through the consumption of the proper foods. So it makes sense that the nutrients your body does not make on its own are known as essential nutrients.

What are some essential nutrients?

• Water

• Proteins

• Fats

• Vitamins

• Minerals

You may have learned that you need carbs in other diets, but carbs, sugar, starch and fiber have been purposefully left out.

Did you know that carbs do not provide any nutritional benefit to the human body AT ALL!

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YourHealth Is Fortune Team