Some aspects of our Health and Vitality are governed by our Genes and how our Mother behaves during Pregnancy, but many Lifestyle Factors, including Fitness, Diet and Weight all impact on our ability to Live a Long and Healthy Life.

Benefits of Exercise

The Pressures of Home and Family Life can make it feel like there’s little Time to Exercise. Aside from Weight Loss , there is a lot to Gain from Exercise and it can make a Huge Difference to staying Healthy:

  • Exercise means a Healthier Heart because it reduces several Cardiovascular Risks, including High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease.
  • Being Physically Active  can bolster Good Mental Health and help you manage Stress, Anxiety and even Depression.
  • Regular Exercise can help you Achieve and Maintain an Ideal Weight and reduce the Risk of Diabetes.
  • Weight Bearing Exercise, such as Running is especially Good in Promoting Bone Density and Protecting Against Osteoporosis – which is when Bones become Thin, Weak and Break Easily.

YourHealth Is Fortune Team