Detoxing  Your Body

Cleansing the body from toxins is like changing the oil in a car.

Every system in the body works better when toxins are eliminated, and they all work better together, in a synergistic fashion.

It is important to understand that toxins enter the body from the foods we eat, the drinks we consume and from the environment as well.

Everybody has a different body chemistry and we all react differently to these toxins.

On a molecular level, the toxic cells are called “free radicals”, and they “bind” to healthy cells and cause what is called “oxidative” damage.

Stop this process and a state of wellbeing can occur.

Hormones become balanced, energy levels increase, sugar cravings decrease and weight loss happens naturally.

When the metabolism is increased, calories are burned, and excess fat disappears.

You can detoxing your body for example with TEA.

Tea has many benefits, for the body, stress and energy levels, and even in the prevention of serious diseases.

White, black and green tea have been tested, talked about, and consumed for years on this basis, each with unique but valuable contributions to the body.

More recently, RED TEA has been recognised as their equal, if not superior.

And here’s why – red tea shrinks fat cells.

Rooibos, is a red bush from South Africa. The leaves are used once fermented in the tea’s production, and they offer a range of benefits.

The recipe, as featured in the Red Tea Detox , combines rooibos with a specific blend, working not just detoxing your body, but also to melt you fat.

YourHealth Is Fortune Team